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Memories of 2015 in Photographs

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The Year 2015 has been a significant year for me. I launched this website in December 2014, so starting from the 2015 my main intention was to make this site live and update with images in regular basis and along with travel to various destinations as much as I can. Once I started to sorting out my images, I realised that I am among those who enjoy mostly in outdoor and capture images on the field and very sluggish about the work that starts after you came back home from a trip. It is really a time consuming task to clean up the old images from your hard disk that you have captured for the past 7/8 years and process them for presenting.


With respect to travel , I started this year with my journey into the Kaziranga,Assam followed by Gibbon WLS near Jorhat. February I went to Odhisa and travelled between Saktosia and Manglajodi. In March, I travelled to Sikkim and visited Barsey Rhododendron sanctuary. April was there for the Tigers in Bandhavgarh. Enjoyed every moment spent with the little cubs of Sukhi Patiha in Magadhi zone.


In July, I came to New Zealand for my job assignment and started exploring this beautiful land. Volcanos, Mountains, Lakes, Rocky Sea-shore, prone zone, antarctic animals, endemic birds, adventurous and outdoor friendly people, all these made New Zealand an unique and beautiful country. The year ended with a trip to South Island of New Zealand.


Here is a collection of some of the images from these journeys. I would not like to refer them as ‘Best of the 2015 photographs’, rather than couple of images from all the journeys that I have done in 2015. Hope 2016 will also be a crazy ride for me.


Near Threatened Indian river tern at Satkosia gorge, Odhisa
Near Threatened Indian River Tern at Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary. They mostly feed on the fresh water fish called “Minnow”.


Critically Endangered Greater Adjutant Gwuahati Arindam Bhattacharya AB_7719
Endangered Greater Adjutant near the Guwahati dump ground at Assam. They can only be found in small pockets of India and Cambodia.



Endangered Indian hog deer or Hyelaphus porcinus at Kaziranga National Park
Endangered Indian Hog Deer at Kaziranga, Assam. They tend to rush away with their heads held low and their tail elevated.



Asiatic elephant or Elephas maximus bathing at Kaziranga national park
Evening stroll. Asiatic Elephant enjoying water at Dighali Bill of Kaziranga in the late evening.


River Otters at Kaziranga National Park
The near threatened Common Otter at western zone of Kaziranga NP. They are solitary and relatively nocturnal.


Manglajodi Tourism
Manglajodi tourism – Purple Heron.


Near Threatened river lapwing or Vanellus duvaucelii at Satkosia Gorge, Odhisa
Near threatened River Lapwing in Satkosia. A group of Indian Skimmer in the background.


Sukhi Patiha cubs playing at bandhavgarh national park, Maharashtra
Sukhi Patiha Cubs at Bandhavgarh NP, Madhyapradesh
Lindis Valley at South Island of New Zealand
Lindis valley at South Island of New Zealand. Lindis Pass crossing through the valley is the highest state highway network. There are no trees on the mountains around this Pass.


Tui or Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae at New Zealand
Tui or Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae – endemic to New Zealand. It is also known as ‘Parson bird’ by New Zealand’s early settlers because of the white tuft under the chin bright against the shining feathers


New Zealand Kingfisher by Arindam-Bhattacharya AB_2220
Sacred Kingfisher – the only native species of kingfisher found in New Zealand.
sland Bay Fungi near Wellington
The rocky shore in north island of New Zealand – It was formed due to volcanic intrusion around 200 million years ago.


Maoa Point Sunset at Wellington
Sunset on a gloomy day at the end of North Island of New Zealand.
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