Over the last few weeks, I made two consecutive trips ( having few days of gap in between) to the two most renowned Tiger parks of India. One is Jim Corbett national park in Uttarakhand and the other one is Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve in Maharashtra,central India.


As usual Corbett has given me the essence why this jungle is unique compared to any other national parks in India. Various terrains and habitats, enchanting landscapes, rich flaura and fauna – all these made this land a magical place. There is no doubt that this land is more to offer other than well known Tigers and Elephants. Luckily, I have stayed the entire period inside the park itself in Dhikala forest rest house ( could not able to manage booking to any FRH room so, stayed in the dormitory ).


Tadoba was on the other hand proved to be very fruitful. It is just like going to a known place and known routes multiple times in search of the royal beauty. Due to forest fire many famous routes of the park has been closed down ( like Katejhari, Telia etc) in this summer and definitely I missed roaming around those places but blessed with the encounter of one memorable sighting that I will cherish forever. An Indian Bison or Gaur has been killed ( most probably in the late night or very early morning) by a Tigress and we encountered the entire prey eating story of the predator. All the pain of scorching heat of late-summer of jungles vanishes spontaneously when you encounter with such types of sightings.


Here is one image from that incident of Tadoba. The predator is protecting her prey.


Tigress protecting her prey at Tadoba National park, Maharashtra

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