Just returned back from a trip to Sikkim Himalaya. Previously, I have traveled Sikkim multiple times but this time decided to explore the extreme Southern part of this beautiful state. From Ravangla, we have traveled to Borong, a very small and beautiful village on the lap of himalayan ridge from where the snow peaks of Mt.Siniolchu, Mt.Pandim and Mt.Narsing can be seen. Making the pristine Borong as base location, I explored the surrounding areas and searched for Himalayan wildlife. At this point of time of the year, this area is full of birds and flowers. Also done a small trek of 14 km from Bhanjan valley ( near Ravangla) to Borong village on a rainy day and spotted many birds on the way. Overall a very good experience. Waiting to come back there again in recent future to explore more.
Here is a image of a Himalayan commoner Red-Billed Leothrix. Have seen them many times but couldn’t resist myself to photograph this tiny colorful beauty once again.


Red-billed Leiothrix at Borong, South Sikkim Himalaya
Red-billed Leiothrix at Borong, South Sikkim Himalaya

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