Launched a new section of my website called “STOCK“.
Sometimes I have been asked by the publishers, photo buyers and other photo enthusiastic friends about images for any particular species or images from any particular location. It is not always feasible to drilled down the old hard disk, locate and process the image and show them asap when they are in need.This boils down to the requirement of creating a searchable Online repository of images where one can search and locate the particular image he/she is looking for.

This will also bring an urge to process my images on a regular basis and upload them in this online repository.

I have been working on this section of website customization, image processing, keywords tagging for the past 2.5/2 yrs and it is now it is in a good shape to be shared with you.

It is different from the so called showcase/portfolio gallery images, rather it will be kind of Image Bank with larger collections of Wildlife Images :-

                1. All the individual images will have Tags/Keywords attached with it.

                2. The Entire content will have advanced Image Search functionalities.

                3. Images will be added and the collection will increase on a regular basis.

Feel free to search the repository as per your convenience.

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