Cooling Off in Hot Summer: Pench Tiger

It is a common phenomenon that during hot summer tigers visit nearby waterholes to cool off their body temperature and quench their thrust. Most of the sightings in Indian national parks happen based on these criteria only. After entering the park everybody used to check corresponding waterholes to identify tiger … Read More

Charismatic Kanha : Landscapes from Summer Trip 2022

It is somehow strange how mobile photography has evolved over the years. Technological advancements along with artificial intelligence made a huge impact on the quality of images that  are producing now a days from mobile. Obviously you cannot compare it with devices that has bigger sensors  ( like DSLR/ Mirrorless etc) … Read More

Breakthrough Travel to Eastern Himalaya

This April, I made a quick trip to Eastern Himalayas for birds in the springtime. More than a usual trip it was like breakthrough travel after a long gap. The feeling of viewing mountains and taking fresh air in outdoor is really cherishable. As I thought the pandemic situation was … Read More

Lockdown Productivity

I always feel that I am more comfortable in the field rather than sitting in front of the computer ( I believe most of you are in the same league 🙂 ). But I also completely agree that proper homework before any trip and proper workflow maintenance after any trip … Read More

Memories of 2019 in Photographs

Year 2019 is coming to an end and like all my previous years, this is the time to publish a quick blog post along with few images of 2019. The major trip for this year is obviously Snow Leopard Expedition in Ladakh. Lots of planning and physical (as well as … Read More

Gorgeous Gorumara

Not sure why this park (Gorumara National Park) located in North Bengal of India is not so popular among the wildlife watchers & photographers but this place is having ample amount of opportunities in terms of wildlife sightings and photography. Made a quick leisurely trip to this place this summer … Read More

Memories of 2018 in Photographs

The year 2018 has been a crazy ride for me. During the first few months of the year I was in Japan covering the winter wildlife of eastern Hokkaido region of north Japan. My childhood dreams to see and photograph Japan’s unique wildlife in winter came true in life. In … Read More

Monsoon in Mangroves

Though I am not a frequent visitor to this place but ignoring the dramatic sky of Sunderbans during monsoon seems to be difficult job when you are located in a close proximity of this location during the rainy seasons. Sunderbans national park, the largest mangrove ecosystem with complex network of … Read More

Stock Images

Launched a new section of my website called “STOCK“. Sometimes I have been asked by the publishers, photo buyers and other photo enthusiastic friends about images for any particular species or images from any particular location. It is not always feasible to drilled down the old hard disk, locate and … Read More

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