How to use, search and license images from STOCK collection


You can search by the Keywords ( by species, place, etc) in the Search box located at the top left corner in the STOCK collections. Also you can use the Advanced Search to locate the specific image and note down the image File names for the same based on your requirement. Kindly mail them by providing the “Image Licensing” information mentioned below.


All the images has been collated in different Albums and folder structure with relevant keywords. Feel free to browse the entire gallery at your leisure. Larger version of the image and description of the same can be found after clicking the image individually. The collections has been upgraded in regular interval.

Image Licencing:

For any Image Licencing, kindly provide the below information as Applicable to your requirement  ( it may not necessary that All the below points are relevant for you) :-

  • Industry: in what industry will it be used? For example, publishing, paper, advertising…
  • Use: in what media will the picture(s) be used? I.e. book, magazine, brochure, website, video, etc.
  • Distribution area: local, regional, national, international
  • Size/Resolution: the image size related to the final page size, if printed, I.e. 1/2 page, double page, full page, etc., or screen size if on website.
  • Total circulation: Approximate how many copies will be produced.
  • Duration: amount of time you plan to use the image(s)
  • Start date/ End date : Duration of the use.
Image Delivery:

Image files will be delivered via FTP, EMAIL, CD/DVD based on the condition and suitable for your needs.


The image files will be shared with Rights Managed (RM) basis and the image copyright will always remain with the photographer. For exclusive use for any image kindly contact us.