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Snow Leopards (Panthera uncia) are one of the most beautiful and mystic cats in the world found in rugged mountain regions of central Asia. Few areas in the Trans-Himalayan region of India, also known as “Little Tibet” boasts the “Ghost of the mountains”, Read More..


Whenever we think about Japan, probably the first thing came into our mind is that, it is a culturally enriched country with big crowded cities full of people. But Japan is having huge natural heritage with lots of unique flora and fauna. This is because countries length reaches both the Subartic and Subtropical areas. Read More..

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I am a nature & wildlife photographer from India with a passion for conservation & exploration of our natural world. I started travel photography during my high school days and traveled plenty of outdoor places in India specially in the Himalayan region. Within few days I became more inclined towards wildlife and moved into nature and wildlife photography in a more passionate manner as this helps me to connect with the nature and its memories indisputably. Read More..

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Indian Leopard – Bera, Rajasthan.

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Arindam Bhattacharya
Kolkata, West Bengal

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