I always feel that I am more comfortable in the field rather than sitting in front of the computer ( I believe most of you are in the same league 🙂 ). But I also completely agree that proper homework before any trip and proper workflow maintenance after any trip is as important as clicking images in the field.
I have done this mistake over the years and still learning how to channelize this process for effective time management.

COVID lockdown is a painful period for all of us. Staying at home and stop traveling is very distressing for those people who enjoy mostly outdoor.

So, once the lockdown started a few months back, I have decided to work on the few items that are pending for a long. Out of which I established few and others are in progress.

  • Knowledge gathering & Learning: Learning as much as I can in this duration. Be it related to photography, be it for wildlife species, be it for different places, be it research papers, be it books, be it post-processing whatever I can.
  • Website Update: Though I am very active in maintaining this website ( yes, I am the owner of my website and do changes regularly on WordPress themes which I bought external), few modifications were pending for long. For example, image optimization, GALLERIES lightbox display preference, WordPress update, old files clean up, etc. Most of the work has been done and the site is in a stable state. I learned a few new things in CSS tricks and in WordPress too.
  • Scanning Old HDD: This probably the most needed and most time-consuming work. Over a decade of work has been dumped in Old HDD. Scanning each folder efficiently, keywording images, processing them as per requirement need lots of time. Despite doing this for the past 3 months, I am still a novice in this category and struggling with it. Not sure when this work will be finished.
  • Content Creation: Website Blog is a section that I have missed out during this period. I have not written a single blog post for the past few months. Have many things to share here and hopefully, I will.
  • Stock Collection Update: This is directly related to above point 3 and I have progressed a lot in this section. I launched the STOCK section back in 2017. Since then, I am uploading images there regularly. This is not only a section for image publishers or collectors, this section has become a catalog of images for a personal referral. There were few old images which I have processed newly and those needs to be updated here too.
  • Physical & Mental Health: For any wildlife photography or the kind of photography I prefer to do, requires a certain amount of physical fitness and strength. But due to COVID & staying most of the time indoors, I realized not only Physical, but one needs to maintain good mental health also for a balanced life. Doing little yoga, reading books, little meditation, concentrating on any particular thing helps a lot.

Hopefully, this pandemic will terminate soon and everything will be fine as usual. Finger crossed and hope for the best to happen in the recent future. Stay healthy, stay safe. 🙂

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