Many places in New Zealand has been formed due to the volcanic eruptions, either from the undersea volcanos or from the eruption of lava from the mountains.

Red Rocks area, located at the bottom of North Island of New Zealand near Wellington is one of them. It was formed nearly 200 million years ago due to the undersea volcanic eruption.
Along with this submarine eruptions, a small amount of iron oxides makes the colour of the rocks more reddish.

New Zealand has been discovered and settled down by the polynesian explorer more than 1000 years ago. They created one unique culture called Maori. As per the Maori traditional beliefs, there exist mainly two stories related to the color of the rocks. I gathered it through google and from couple of brocheure regarding Red Rocks.
In a nutshell,

1. One tells there was a famous Polynesian Maori explorer called Kupe, who was collecting shelfish ( in Maori it is called Paua) in this area when one person clamped down his hand that results in bleeding and the color became red.

2. The other one tells, the red color came from the blood of Kupe’s daughther who gashed themselved in the grief of absense of their father Kupe when he went for long voyage.

Sometimes it is really interesting to see how ancient folklore of human civilization relates to the logical scientific interpretations of geological wonders.


RedRocks Wellington in New Zealand by Arindam Bhattacharya AB-8855
Red Rocks in Wellington New Zealand


RedRocks Wellington in South Pacific Ocean New Zealand by Arindam Bhattacharya AB-8855
Submerged Red Rocks in South Pacific Ocean at New Zealand near Wellington
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