Heaven is a myth, Nepal is real

Somebody said it very well – “Heaven is a myth, Nepal is real”. I returned from a family leisure trip to Nepal this month. It was more of a relaxing trip to enjoy the vast mountains of this land. Have not carried much photographic gear this time—only my favorite pocketable … Read More

Memories of 2022 in Photographs

The year 2022 is coming to an end. After the Pandemic this is the first year when I started traveling again in a planned way. This year I made very selected trips with a very specific purpose. The highlight of this is definitely my long-due Africa trip.Here is a collection … Read More

Returned from East Sikkim Himalaya

The entire trip plan started with a phone call from dear Subratoda (Subrato Sanyal, one of the well-known birders & photographers from Bengal).Previously I have been to East Sikkim, especially in the Silk Route Zuluk region multiple times but when I got an opportunity to be there again, that too … Read More

Memories of 2019 in Photographs

Year 2019 is coming to an end and like all my previous years, this is the time to publish a quick blog post along with few images of 2019. The major trip for this year is obviously Snow Leopard Expedition in Ladakh. Lots of planning and physical (as well as … Read More

Memories of 2018 in Photographs

The year 2018 has been a crazy ride for me. During the first few months of the year I was in Japan covering the winter wildlife of eastern Hokkaido region of north Japan. My childhood dreams to see and photograph Japan’s unique wildlife in winter came true in life. In … Read More

Elusive Bear Cat of Singalila

Though I was planning this trip for the past two years, but this month my long waited wish come true in life. The plan is to search for elusive endangered Red Panda or Ailurus fulgens in high altitude himalayan region in the Indo-Nepal border. Singalila National park, located in the … Read More

First ever Satyr Tragopan

Last month I came back from a birding trip to Eastern Sikkim Himalaya and needless to say that the trip was quite fruitful with respect to the sightings happened during that period. The main reason behind this, is the sightings of both the male and female Satyr Tragopan(Tragopan satyra) in the … Read More